Michigan Mold – Top 3

1.  Poor ventilation in the attic.  Often mold in the attic isn’t found until the house hits the market and a home inspector pokes his (or her) head up there and sees the black spots or white fuzz.  This is usually results of poor ventilation, and can be compounded by inadequate insulation or a bathroom […]

Stachybotrys = Black Mold

Mold in attics It happens to countless homeowners around the end of the year – you make the annual visit to your attic to collect the holiday decorations and what do you find? Spots and blotches covering the bottom of the roof sheathing. Worse yet – it turns out to be attic mold! Although mold […]

Can Mold Be Removed From Porous Surfaces?

Mold Fact #1 Sadly, the answer is no. Mold CAN be successfully cleaned and removed from hard surfaces, such as glass, metal or stone. But, once mold has taken hold of a porous surface – for example: sheetrock or carpet padding – then there is nothing to be done except to remove the porous surface. […]

Mold Remediation Method: Fire

Does your home have a serious mold infestation, but you can’t afford the high costs of professional mold removal? Well, the Ypsilanti Township has an affordable solution that will get rid of the mold in your home for good – burn it down with fire. That’s right, for the cost of a book of matches, […]

Toxic Mold Removal

While molds themselves are not toxic, certain types of molds can produce toxins known as mycotoxins. These airborne mycotoxins can have negative health impacts, ranging from minor ailments such as allergies and fatigue to much more serious conditions like learning disabilities, cancer and heart problems. A damp or musty smell can be an indication of […]